Wireless Vibration Security Alarm LD-02

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Wireless Vibration Security Alarm LD-02
- It aims to protect your property by giving out alarm sound when it senses vibration,shaking,striking and moving.Please kindly read the following instruction carefully:
- Install one piece of 9V battery in the alarm(please check the polarity of the battery)
- Attach the alarm to door or window.(there is magnetic bar inside the alarm)
- Switch on the alarm and it will be on ALERT for 15 seconds.If there is any vibration,the alarm will sound for 25 seconds.(the beep sound is over 110dB)
- If the vibration contiues,the alarm wil sound again.
- When the sound is low ,please replace the battery.If you don't use the alarm for a long time ,please remove the battery.

- Voltage: DC 9V (9V alkaline batteries)
- Alarm sound: 120 dB
- Start-up delay: 15 seconds
- Installation ways: Back-magnetic or adhesive paste

Voltage DC 9V (9V alkaline batteries)
installation ways Back-magnetic or adhesive paste